100% Ceramic Dental Implants

The metal-free and esthetic tooth replacement solution.

For Patients For Professionals

CeraRoot Implant System is the first implant system ever to provide with metal-free implant and restorative solutions. 100% ceramic, ultra-biocompatible.

A strong and long-lasting satisfaction

The CeraRoot implant is made of high-strength ceramic and designed to achieve highest functional and esthetic demands, as well as the reliability that enables for an excellent outcome.

The natural and esthetic solution

Since the ceramic implant has the color of a natural tooth it avoids the displeasing appearance of the metal titanium implants that may show through, specially in cases with thin or recessed gingiva.

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CeraRoot news

    • 5 Year follow-up of a CeraRoot 12 zirconia implant

      5 YEAR FOLLOW-UP !!! This patient had an old metal porcelain bridge that did not look aesthetic. The patient was offered two options, a bridge made of zirconia or all single crowns with an implant…

    • A2716.- 2 Immediate CeraRoot 16 + BAOSFE

      http://https://scontent-mrs1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/10404880_10203594230967945_976510002846237989_n.jpg?oh=3d17bf950b39760ae45d7028ca6753ae&oe=57D7C0E1   #ceraroot16 #ceraroot #a2716 #metalvsceramicimplant  

    • Replacing metals with ceramics

      This young patient comes to remove titanium implants and metal crowns with ALL-CERAMIC implants and crowns #ceraroot #ceraroot14 #ceraroot16  #metalvsceramicimplants #removingtitaniumimplants

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