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Dr. William M. Locante
Dr. William M. Locante

If you’re considering a dental implant, make absolutely sure you choose an implant surgeon whose primary practice is implant dentistry.


Dr. William M. Locante is nationally renowned for teaching and practicing dental implantology during his 30-year profession. His practice is focused solely on dental implants.   “Dental implants are the one area where we can offer a stable cure for missing teeth,” he says. “Implants act just like real teeth.”


Zirconia implants – natural and metal free – are relatively new in the manufacture of implants. Known for superior strength and durability, Zirconia is the same material NASA uses in the fabrication of heat shields for space shuttles. Its structural integrity is unmatched.


The natural ceramic appearance of Zirconia is preferred by patients over titanium implants. Titanium can cause a “grayish” look along the gum line. Zirconia is white and more natural looking, and therefore is almost visually indistinguishable from real teeth.


Dr. Locante has been at the forefront of Zirconia implants since inception. Special training is required for these metal free teeth replacements to insure the procedures are predictable and successful. He continues his association on advisory committees with manufacturers for continually improving the technology.


Dr. Locante reports the following as the primary reason Zirconia is the best option for those seeking a solution to missing teeth.


  • Allergies and Sensitivities: An increasing number of individuals suffer from metal allergies, sensitivities or other immune reactions. Placement of non-metal, ceramic implants is the most effective solution to these challenges.


  • Holistic and Friendly: For those choosing a holistic protocol for healthcare and prefer a non-metal option, this all-ceramic implant is by far the best choice.


  • Aesthetics: Ceramic implants are more attractive in appearance since they closely match natural teeth. The beauty is in the naturalness of the material.


Dr. Locante was one of the first implantologists to receive his implant certification from the American Board of Oral Implantology, plus receiving Diplomate status in this prominent organization. He is dedicated to teaching implantology to dentists around the world, both at his teaching center in Nashville, Tennessee as well as being a visiting lecturer with the international faculty of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.


Dr. Locante is board certified as an implant dentist by the American Board of Oral Implantology, and has been named a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, is a Fellow and Honored Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and is past president of the Southern District of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), of which he is a past trustee at the national level. Dr. Locante has also served on clinical advisory boards for major implant dental companies, helped developed new techniques and designs, and performed extensive research in bone cell and bio protein healing mechanics.




Bachelor of Science

University of Wisconsin

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Marquette University School of Dentistry

Certification in Dental Implantology

Brookdale Hospital, New York

Implant Dentistry Maxicourse

Brookdale Hospital Implant Center

Special Certification in Intravenous Conscious Sedation

Miami Valley Hospital: Dayton, Ohio

Certification, Department of Plastic Surgery

University of Lille: Lille France



Diplomate: American Board of Oral Implantology

Diplomate: International Congress of Oral Implantologists

Fellow and Honored Fellow: American

Academy of Implant Dentistry

Assistant Professor

The University of Tennessee College of Dentistry

Department of Restorative Dentistry and Peridontics

Past President of

Southern District of the American Academy of

Implant Dentistry

Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Congress of Oral Implantology

American Academy of Osseointegration

Academy of Implants and Transplants

Tennessee Dental Association

2 Reviews with comments

  • December 10, 2015 at 8:49 am - Paducah, United States

    After a childhood injury, I struggled for many years with two of my upper front teeth. By age 15, my teeth and gums had abscessed and the infections began. I was recommended I receive two root canals, which I completed, and both were unsuccessful. By 20, my teeth had turned very dark and I became self-conscious of my appearance. I then chose a cosmetic procedure placing crowns and porcelain veneers over my teeth to “fix” my smile, which sufficed….but was merely a cover-up to the problem. By 35, both the damaged teeth had fractured at the gum line and infection was permeating my gums.

    Once the severity of my fractured teeth became such that I risked daily breaking them off completely, I visited a local dentist for an implant consultation. I left his office extremely disheartened. There was significant long term damage in my gums and he was unable to assist due to substantial bone loss and deterioration. However, I was referred to an implant specialist out-of-state, named Dr. Locante, and I truly believe his referral was an answer to a prayer. After my first meeting, I knew that my smile would not only be restored, but the years of infection/damage in my gums was finally coming to an end. Dr. Locante’s office staff was warm and welcoming (and I can’t say enough wonderful things about his assistant and her calming nature) and I immediately agreed to the procedure. I was terribly nervous, I was anxious, and the thought of extracting my two fractured teeth was mortifying. I felt much too young to lose my ‘permanent’ teeth (especially my two front teeth) and it truly was an emotional experience. Dr. Locante was soothing, assuring, and with his compassionate support, I went into the procedure with confidence that all would be ok…and worth it….and it was.

    Dr. Locante provided several options for my implants and one was the CeraRoot Zirconia implant system. It was more costly for my budget but after ample research, I knew it was the right choice. The CeraRoot implant is metal-free and has multiple benefits, and truly, the ONLY option (in my opinion) in implant dentistry. I was extremely nervous that my smile would never be the same and implants would be obvious in my gum line. However, I was assured the zirconia implant was the right choice to gain the long term success and cosmetic goals I desired. I am eternally grateful that my path crossed with Dr. Locante and his team. I am certain that had I chosen any other implant specialist or chose any other dental implant than CeraRoot, my results would’ve been different and I would not have the success story I have today.

    To anybody who is considering implant surgery my recommendation is this. Don’t put it off. I only wish I had consulted with Dr. Locante years prior. I dealt with loose crowns, dangerous infections, limited selections with how I could consume my meals, and overall….general daily discomfort for over 20 years! Don’t do that. The procedure is quick, the healing is minimal, and the sooner your teeth are restored…the sooner you can enjoy your smile (and meals) again. I encourage all who are considering dental implants to schedule an appointment with Dr. Locante today and let him or his staff share more information about the reasons why your choice should be CeraRoot. My implants are completely unnoticeable to anybody and they are stronger than my natural teeth! I have great confidence in CeraRoot’s advanced material makeup and accredit that to a virtually nonexistent risk of future issue or infection.

    You will pay a bit more for the CeraRoot vs. Metal (and that was a huge struggle with my budget) but getting the MOST for my money with the BEST long term results meant more than a lesser cost. I am so pleased with my choice in procedure and with Dr. Locante’s highly professional staff and services. I hope sharing my story helps you make your decision the right one.

    SR ~ Paducah, KY
    Procedure in October/2014

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  • Chrissy M Jensen says:
    November 17, 2015 at 12:35 pm - Culleoka, United States

    I have had many visits to Nashville Dental Implant Center. I’ve completed 5 extractions, two implants and have some healing to do before I have another placed. I will tell you that there is not one other dentist anywhere who I would trust to do this work on my teeth. He is always the leader in the field on what’s the best course of treatment. At my most recent visit (I was in pain with yet another tooth), he took some xrays and did a quick exam. Dr. Locante then told me I could certainly opt for a root canal, or we could go ahead and extract the tooth and prepare it for an implant. Knowing that root canals aren’t forever (especially in my experience) I opted to go ahead with the extraction. Dr. Locante drew a tube of my blood to spin down and use my body’s own white blood cells to facilitate bone regrowth and healing!! Who does that?! I found that process simply amazing. I had two teeth extracted that day and needed nothing for pain other than an ice pack and a few Advil for 24 hours. There was no bruising, minimal swelling and even the numbness wore off within an hour or so.
    His staff is kind, professional and always friendly – another rare treat in the medical world today! His assistant, Ora is just one of the most genuinely sweet people you’ll ever meet. She’s happy and kind and always smiling.
    Dr. Locante’s resume speaks for itself, but more than that, he is highly regarded in the local community. Other dentists have wonderful things to say about him and happily refer patients to him for extractions and implants. I have many friends who have seen Dr. Locante also and even my most dental-phobic friends say he does an amazing job.
    No one loves needing extensive dental work done, but if you find yourself in that position – this is where you need to go.

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