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Dr. Amy Khajavi
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Dr. Amy Khajavi

Dr. Amy Khajavi


Oregon Health and Science University

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Phone: (858)774-2010

Born in Iran, moved to the US and recently based in Rosarito, Baja California; Azadeh “Amy” Khajavi,  has more than two decades of experience as a dentist and is trained in TMJ and neuromuscular issues. Dr. Azadeh Khajavi focuses her practice on cosmetic issues and offers patients state-of-the-art  METAL- FREE implant dentistry. She emphasizes the importance of implants as a mean of preserving oral health, cautioning “if the tooth goes, the bone will follow.” She is also a mother of three children, and a zumba instructor.

Holistic Dentistry

We are a Holistic Dental Office.

All work is done in Non-Metal Biocompatible materials.

Titanium has been linked to Cancer. Therefore we do Zirconia Implants followed by Zirconis Crowns, using your own Growth Factor for the Bone Graft.

We also offer Full Mouth Reconstruction, and Orthodontics “without braces” – using the latest  ALF appliance technology.

We have 3 Implantologists – Prostodontist, Periodontist and Oral Surgeons,  two of whom are US trained.

IMPLANTOLOGY – Dr Amy Khajavi has 4 years of specialized training in Implantology – San Diego and San Francisco.  In addition – 5 yrs. Of Fellowship training in Orthopedics of the Jaw – Chicago.

FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION – the above training plus 2yrs of Post Doctorate Degree Studies , Las Vegas, NV,  lead to her being awarded the most prestigious designation of “Master Dentist in Full Mouth Reconstruction”  – which included Aesthetic Dentristy training. Dr. Khajavi is a sought after Instructor by other Medical professionals.

Orthodontisty without Braces – using the newest and more effective technology represented by the revolutionary AlF appliance.  The Alf appliance is less expensive, more effective on many levels and requires fewer visits.  Bio-Compatibility is assured.

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  • Rytis P. says:
    October 9, 2017 at 8:35 pm - Chicago, United States

    I went for consultation with some highly rated US dentists ( supposedly specialist in ceramic implants ) and my first impressions were shocking. Having earpiece where personal assistants telling them which person to see next between four chairs, doctor constantly jumping between all of his patents at the same time is not how I imagined my perfect and attentive impantologist.
    Dr. Amy is entirely different experience. You get a lot of personal attention. During my three visits as part of entire procedure. (implant placement, voluntary visit for check up, and crowns) I got to know Dr. Amy very well and love her like a family member. She is not only outstanding doctor, but also incredible human being. Attentive, compassionate, listening, does not nickel and dime you for small additional things they maybe needed as part of your implant procedure. So refreshing to see common sense approach to everything, unlike in USA where every tiny procedure entered into special dentist billing software for eye popping grand total.
    I’m glad with final outcome and if I ever need additional procedures, Dr. Amy will always be first to come to my mind. Thank you for everything.

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  • October 9, 2017 at 8:01 pm - Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico

    This is my second zirconium implant/crown. I had my first zirconium implant/crown last year and had no problems and todate have healthy gums. Although this is a more expensive product, its worth every dollar in the long run due to its durability and but more importantly having healthy gums. Off course, you have to have a great dentist with extensive experience in zirconium implants to do the work, Dr. Khajavi met all these requirements and very happy to be a patient in the Rosarito/Mexico Excellence Dental clinic.

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  • Connie Palmer says:
    September 26, 2017 at 6:47 pm - Escondido, United States

    I came across CerraRoot back at the beginning of 2017. I had just gotton married and had been suffering with pain from poorly placed mini implants for years. My husband had encouraged me to find a solution. I went for numerous consultations with San Diego dentists, all who could help me for the price of a new house. Dr Amy contact me after seeing my story on a “seek out” website. She listened to my story and said that she could help me, implored me to come see her in Mexico, all with a free consultation.
    After obtaining my passport, my husband and I went for our consultation. She sent us for a CT scan of my mouth (the cost was less than $200), and we then went back to her office and discussed a treatment plan. She laid out what needed to be done, the cost, and what needed to be done by the time of surgery. The price was a surprise….less than half of what US dentists wanted for implants….titanium, not ceramic. I then did lots of research on the ceramic implants, Dr Amy and her institute and business. I knew that I had to do this. On the day of my surgery, Dr Amy, Dr Rene and staff made me feel like family. My husband and I were welcomed to stay at the clinic, we were provided food and a place to rest our heads. The surgery took longer than expected as the previous dentist had not done the proper job and did damage to mu mouth. I am a work in progress, having to have a total mouth reconstruction, I understand that this takes time. I have 13 ceramic implants placed and I am now waiting for the final product, my teeth! I am hoping to give you amazing pictures as soon as possible. Save yourself the time and money and check out Dr Amy, Excellence Dental and CerraRoot implants. I’m glad I did!

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  • Liselotte Kragh says:
    August 5, 2017 at 3:18 pm - Seattle, United States

    My research for the most biocompatible implant material and best-made implants led me to the Ceraroot zirconium Implant website where I found Dr. Amy Khajavi. The number and the content of reviews were impressive and when I contacted her office, the staff communicated clearly about the cost of each procedure, in stark contrast to a Bellevue Washington top rated cosmetic dentist clinic that would not quote me a price despite the fact they had examined me. In that vein, Dr. Khajavi also doesn’t nickel and dime you. She stands by her agreements and the bill will have no surprise or “extra” charges. She also gives you the really helpful option of staying for free at her Rosarito clinic which is nice as you recover from dental surgery and helps offset trip expenses.

    From the airport, Gaby the driver took me to an imaging facility in Tijuana, and on the 3-d computer model, Dr. Khajavi showed me the dark root area of the last remaining root canals in my mouth and recommended that she pull the two teeth and do a bone graft to build the bone back up due to the infection that had broken down the bone tissue. I am so glad this was discovered as infected root canals can cause all kinds of health problems. At some point into the surgery, while I was lucid, Dr. Khajavi gave me the offer of restoring my bite which was bugging her I could tell. The bite was off resulting from dental work 50 years ago to close the gap between the two front teeth I knocked out at age 7 in a condition she calls “a reverse smile” and she gave me a very reasonable price on the spot. Although I didn’t have unlimited time to decide or ask questions, as I was already in the chair and numbed, I was happy that I decided to do it right then or I may have never done it.

    I have just returned from my second visit where Dr. Khajavi placed 10 porcelain crowns, 8 of which were placed to give me a nice smile and a more evenly distributed bite. This work took a week and several steps which I learned about directly from Dr. Khajavi as she teaches her staff while she works on you. It was very interesting to learn about the details that must be right to ensure long term success of the crowns and implants. I am very pleased with the result. My teeth look very nice and natural. A big thank you to Dr. Amy Khajavi and the nice group of people she works with.

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  • Thomas Finch says:
    February 20, 2017 at 4:59 am - Northern Nevada, United States

    I was impressed with Dr. Khajavi from my first meeting with her. I had talked to her on the phone prior to our meeting and decided to meet with her in person to decide if she would do my dental work. Her knowledge and professional approach was impressive. Her explanation of the implants and why they are superior sold me. She started my work the next day.
    I will have had 4 implants with crowns.
    I have been to her practice 3 times so far and one more visit will be needed.
    I may miss seeing her when all of my work is complete. She is a caring person.

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  • Max M says:
    February 19, 2017 at 12:26 pm - Las Vegas, United States

    Dr Amy is beyond a dentist. I had a problem with my bite where my jaws were bone on bone when my teeth were closed. She did a full reconstruction and now I can eat without massive temple headaches. She really changed my life. And I get a compliment everyday about what a beautiful smile I have.

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