CeraRoot Clinical Residency 24-25 Feb. 2011

Dra Marta Gómez Donnay.

C/ Lascaray 2 bajo
Tel. +34  945 23 50 23

She is the first doctor from VITORIA that has performed our Clinical Residency Program.  In this two day program,  4 surgeries with CeraRoot implants and Guided Bone Regeneration were done.

More info on this course here:

These are some of the cases performed:

1/  CeraRoot 14 to replace a missing bicuspid #14

2/  CeraRoot 16 to replace a missing #46. With guided Bone Regeneration:

2 thoughts on “CeraRoot Clinical Residency 24-25 Feb. 2011

  1. Hello Doctor. I’m an American male 62 years old, and looking to get a full mouth reconstruction with Ceraroot implants. I realize it’s difficult to give me a price without seeing panoramix Xray or CT scan but I’m wondering what this may range in price from low to high.

    Thank you

  2. Fantastico curso de Ceraroot, fantastica acogida en Clinica Oliva y las puertas de un presente muy interesante abiertas para nosotros, con un futuro, sin duda, prometedor.
    Moltes graciès per tot!

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