Clinical Residency – February 2011

Dr. Raul De La Rosa Guia.
Dra. Karen Soler Garcia

centro medico dental
Marques de Monistrol, 5.
08970 Sant Joan Despi

Tel. +34  933736360

In this two day program,  4 surgeries with CeraRoot implants and Guided Bone Regeneration were done.

More info on this course here:

These are some of the cases performed:

1/  CeraRoot 14 to replace a missing bicuspid #14

2/  CeraRoot 16 to replace a missing #46. With guided Bone Regeneration:

One thought on “Clinical Residency – February 2011

  1. We are delighted with THE COURSE, DR. OLIVE IS VERY INTUITIVE AND PRACTICAL. Ceramic implants are a good alternative and better solutions to PROSTHETIC LEVEL

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