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  1. Which dentists/surgeons in the United States have done 100 or more CeraRoot dental implants? What is each name, and city and state they practice in? Thanks!

  2. Hi–I live in Central California. Do you have dentists in this area that work with zirconium implants? Thanks, Dave

  3. Can you comment on a quote I found on the risks of Zirconium implants:

    “”The biggest risk with Zirconium implant is radioactivity. This material consists of a particular amount of radioactive isotope which can increase the possibility of oral cancers.””

  4. Hello Philip,

    Thank you for your question. If you have a titanium implant in your mouth, you can ask for a zirconia abutment and zirconia crown as well. Not everything has to be made with metal. Zirconia abutments and zirconia crowns are available in dental offices that place all type of implants.

  5. Looking for abutment and crowns to be Zirconia oxide. Have implants in 13, 30, 31. I see to dental profesionals fairly close to me but wondered if your crowns can be used on titanium implants already placed. Really wanted Zirconia for abutement and crown???

  6. Hi there
    Is there any dentist in London or anywhere in UK who use CeraRoot?
    Alternatively, anyone in Italy?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  7. Hello, do you know of any dentists in Australia / Asia Pacific region who work with Zirconia CeraRoot dental implants? Thank you.

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