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  1. Do Biofilms cling on to Ceraroot as they do with other implants? Have there been any studies ? Have there been many cases of PeriImplantis with patients with severe Periodontal disease. I currently have bone loss and need several implants in next years and worried the bone will diminish and the disease will continue to eat the bone away. What are the expectations with Implants does the bone loss stop when implants or slow down does gum disease just go away? I have overall that bio films do stick on implants but its a question on what’s easier to clean and how.What are the differences with Ceraroot in relation to bone loss even after extraction. My entire mouth and bone line is diseased and wonder if Implants or laser or other denture is more suitable. I like the idea of Ceraroot white technology and hope more dentists start using it.

    1. Hello Karen, thank you for your post. In general, patients with active periodontal disease will most likely develop peri-implantitis. When a periodontal disease is 100% cured, and there is 100% control of the hygiene and the mobility of the teeth, the implants can remain healthy for decades. Excellent brushing techniques are very important to have all the gums healthy in the mouth. If there are areas with bleeding or difficult access to clean, the periodontal disease will resorb bone on natural teeth as well as implants. Stress and tobacco increase the speed of bone loss. CeraRoot implants (just like any other implant) perform really well (in the long term) with healthy patients who do not suffer with gum disease.

  2. Since I had two titanium implants 8 years ago my gums in that area has been bothering me. They get inflamed and one titanium broke a year ago. Just after two years of having it i was diagnosed of breast cancer and had mastectomy. Coulld titanium implats caused Breast Cancer?
    I presently need three implants and i would like to have cera root, do you know a dentist mear El Dorado county who does Cera Roots implants or Zirconium implants? My zip code is 95682.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Ms. Hermie,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      We do not know if the titanium implants could induce breast cancer.

      We only know, that titanium implants are always suffering corrosion and oxidation, and nobody knows how this may affect your body.

      Ceramic materials such as CeraRoot, are very stable and do not corrode.

      El Dorado county is near Sacramento?

      The only doctors placing CeraRoot in California are the ones you see on our list of providers:


      If you have any other question please ask.


  4. Hi,
    Planning to visiting Cambodia or Thailand and wanting to get my zirconium implants. Would you know if there is any clinic there?
    Also how much it cost and how long is the procedure?

  5. Hi Again! Thanks for your answer on replacing titanium with zircomium implants… In my research I found a claim from another popular brand of Zi implant that their radiation was the lowest at 5.4 mSv/y. (Human bone comes in at 3.1 mSv/y) Have been unable to find comparable figures for Cerra root. Would you mind providing me with this information. Thanks!

  6. Hi,
    I am in Sydney, Australia.
    Do you know if there is any Dentistry over here using your CeraRoot Zirconium implant?

      1. Hello D Kenney, we do not list anyone in Sidney because there are currently no clinics interested in CeraRoot implants on the east coast of Australia.

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