CeraRoot in RUMANIA.

Dr. Josep Oliva, Dr. Lucian Toma, Dr. Xavi Oliva

Dr. Lucian Toma

Eforie Str., nr.4-6

Floor 4, Off. 31
District 6,
Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40 21 3137710 / 141
Fax: +40 21 3135377

DATE : 8th April 2011.

In this one day course held in Clinica Oliva, we studied the basics of zirconia implant dentistry as well as performed several surgeries with CeraRoot implant system.

3 thoughts on “CeraRoot in RUMANIA.

  1. Buna ziua, as dori sa stiu mai multe detalii despre acest sistem. Am studiat si bioimplantul…. http://www.bioimplant.at (bioimplantul are aplicatii limitate—doar in cazul postextractional imediat) dar ceraroot mi s-a parut mult mai aproape de implantele clasice…si totusi minim invaziv.Actualmente folosesc sistemul BICON…dar nu este asa de accesibil.As vrea sa stiu daca se face vreun curs de specialitate pentru a lucra cu astfel de implante, si cam cat ar costa.
    Cu stima,
    Dr. Andrei R TOCITU

    P.S. Am colaborat in trecut cu mama d-vs.Salutari !!!!

  2. In this day I had a new and magnificent experience regarding implant application of the most biocompatible material that is ZIRCONIA. The CeraRoot system is a very frendly system and can be easily used for the benefit of our patients.

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