7 thoughts on “CeraRoot 21 to replace a Central Incisor

  1. Hello Elaine,

    Thank you for your comments. We think that the implant needs 3 months to be healed. If a crown is placed to early and you bite on the tooth, there is more risk for you to loose the implant. The implant needs no mobility during the 3 months. Some patients have had the crown placed on day of surgery and the implant has worked beautifully, but there are occasions that a patient has lost the implant because the loading was too strong too early. In our opinion, if you can stay without tooth for a few months (and maybe wear an ESSIX appliance) it is less risky.

  2. the tooth didn’t came off the gum, it just broke off with the crown. my health has improved a lot ever since I did the tooth extraction last nov. thanks for the info , Dr Juan Luque (in San Francisco )did the tooth extraction and bone grafting for me in nov and I just did the Ceraroot implant 2 weeks ago.
    Dr Luque said if I were in town he would have placed a temporary crown for me 2- 3 weeks after the surgery however I am currently staying in Hong Kong, just wondering normally how long is a safe period for a temporary crown be installed ? i am asking this because the implanted tooth is a tooth right in the front.

  3. Hello Elaine, thank you for posting your comment. We really hope your health improves now without this tooth that was causing an infection. In general, If a tooth comes off the gum, there has been a big infection, and bone resorption. It might be necessary to have a bone regeneration procedure before you have the implant placement surgery. This is the link of dentists placing CeraRoot implants in California. http://www.ceraroot.com/find-a-dentist/#bylist/loc-usa/loc-california

  4. I had root canal treatment on my front right tooth over 10 years ago, ever since the treatment I started having eczema. 2 weeks ago the tooth came off together with the crown, and it definitely smelled bad inside, I read about Dr Price’s research, I suspected this tooth is the root cause of my eczema. What I need now is the exact same procedure as above, I currently stay in Hong Kong is there dentist would offer this service? If not would there be one in San Francisco Bay Area ?

  5. Hello Christopher,
    Thank you for your comments. The bone particles not just help the buccal plate to hold a little more in place, but it actually helps to grow some gum over the implant shoulder. We see quite often “creeping attachment” due to its one piece shape and no prosthetic gap with microleakage underneath the gum. Because the patient does not wear a temporary crown over the implant, the gum actually grows without any stop. The patient wears an essix appliance. If you place a temporary crown on top of the abutment, the gum will rest where the connection is… not further coronally… About the diamond bur, you could probably use: BruxZir™ Adjustment and Polishing Set

  6. Beautiful result after flawless execution and sound treatment planning and preparation. I just started a similar case but did not place bone mineral so am praying that the buccal plate maintains its position. I am wondering how your case was temporized for the first 4 months? With my case, the lingual portion of the abutment is in close poximity to the lower incisor, so I may need to reduce the abutment slightly. Is there a diamond bur that you would suggest?
    Thank you.

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