2 thoughts on “CeraRoot in San Francisco

  1. Hello Patricia,

    Thank you for your post. We have you in mind.
    As soon as we find a dentist that wants to provide you with an all-ceramic implant, we will contact you. You are not alone. There’s more people “on the list”.

    Please be patient.



  2. Can I find a CeraRoot affliliate dentist in the SanFrancisco Bay area? I live in Humboldt Co., CA, about 6 hours north of SF Bay. I see there is one is the Sacramento area, but in the Bay would be better. I so love that I found your company; to see you three relatives in a business together with this really excellent product is awe-inspiring! Got a gold crowned, root canaled tooth 6 years ago (#19), and have been on a down-hill slippery slope with health since. Now, discovering the link with mercury, and root canaled teeth, I am extremely desirous to get the toxicity out of my body.

    You guys are great!! I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to improving/maintaining people’s good health

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