Introduction to Ceramic Implants – Victoria, B.C – Canada

October 26-27th  2012 British Columbia, CANADA


Oral Iceberg S.L. has had the privilege to have found Dr. Deanna Geddo who is practicing in the beautiful town of Victoria in Vancouver Island, British Columbia,Canada.

Because of the increasing demand among the patients to dental ceramic materials, Dr. Deanna Geddo has found appropriate to organize a two day meeting for dental professionals to observe the benefits of using a ceramic dental implant and specially identify which patients may be candidates for this type of implant.

During the two days we will have time to go over the material properties, description of the implant system, surgery steps and restoration protocol.

The participants in the course are invited to bring their own patients or clinical cases (x-rays, pictures, models) to discuss clinical situations that will contribute to help improve the technical skills required to insert one-piece implants.

There are planned up to 5 live surgeries during the 2 days.

Please contact Dr Geddo for more detailed information at


Fee:    1,000 Euros / professional            1,300 CAD/professional


Dr. Deanna Geddo                                     Dr. Xavi Oliva
Holistic Dentist                                          co-Founder of CeraRoot implant system



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