Removing a titanium dental implant from the mouth

YES, it is possible to remove a titanium implant from the mouth.

When the dentist has the right tools, the procedure is simple. MUCH more simple than the surgery needed to place the implant.

Patients that report metal sensitivities or patients unpleased of showing a metal ring at the gum level, there are many reasons that a patient could ask a dentist to have the metal (titanium) implant removed.

Below we are going to describe step by step, how the surgery/treatment is performed:

This patient has 2 titanium implants in the upper left side of the mouth and a metal-ceramic bridge.

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When the bridge that is screwed on the titanium implants is removed, it can be seen that there has been an oxidation process and the the different metals have corroded, creating a metal tattoo in the surrounding tissues of the implants.


This is one kit that can be used as an example, to remove a titanium dental implant from a patients mouth.

These are two parts that are assembled together and screwed to the implant. Once the implant and the tow parts are connected together, with the help of a special wrench, the metal implant can be unscrewed using high torque. With local anesthesia, there is absolutely no pain.

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Once the torque wrench has reached high values, the implant is easily unscrewed.


Once the two titanium implants are removed from the bone, the dentist has to decide if the patient has enough bone to place the CeraRoot zirconia implant at the same time, or the socket has to be grafted with bone and wait some months for healing. This patient had better bone situation in the posterior implant, and therefore a CeraRoot implant could be placed on the same day. The anterior implant socket did not have enough thickness of bone to be able to place the CeraRoot zirconia (ceramic) implant.


The extraction socket in the front is grafted with artificial bone and closed with the patients own gum.


After 1 month, it can be seen that the extraction socket of the anterior implant is completely healed. The zirconia implant has some stains because the patient has brushed the implant very gently following the instructions.


A summary of all the steps to remove the titanium implants.

This is the final x-ray after the CeraRoot implant has been placed, on the same day that the titanium implants were removed. The missing implant, will be placed in a few months, when the bone heals and the new ceramic implant can be placed with good guarantees. When the case is finished we will post the end result.

ceraroot-xray Sense nom

two CeraRoot zirconia implants

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VIDEO OF A TITANIUM IMPLANT REMOVAL by Dr. Oliva ( )  It’s one of the dental centers in the world that remove more titanium dental implants from the patients mouths. It’s located in Barcelona, Spain.

This is another video from a different patient.

Another patient…..

This is another video of a patient who had TWO TITANIUM implants failed on the same location, in a period of two years. The surgeries were performed at the University of California Los Angeles UCLA. On the third attempt, the selected implant was a CeraRoot ceramic implant. The patient after 3 years is doing very well with her CeraRoot ceramic implant.  No more failures.

47 thoughts on “Removing a titanium dental implant from the mouth

  1. Hi, my name is S__ W_, from Oklahoma,
    I had 2 titanium implants put in about two years ago. One upper back and one lower back. They put them in crooked. I have had headaches and jaw throbbing ever since. I think it had off set my jaw. I am to the point that I just want them out. An oral surgeon here told me that he did not want to take them out because it was like taking a T post out of cement. Is there anyone in or around Oklahoma that might have these specific tools that you guys use or would I need to go elsewhere? I’m desperate. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. My name is Karen Pappas and I live in east TennesseeI in the U.S.A;. I am having serioushealth issues from 6 titantium implants placed in my upper jaw,Itbhas been so bad thatbit forced me to retire in February of this year. I have made the decission to have the implants removed..I would love to be able to come to your office to have this done but I am a retired school teacher and can not afford the trip. My request is that you could give me any information to help mefind a dentist here in the southern state that you would consider highly qualified to remove my implants. I have been tryingn for 4 months to find a surgeon that would I trust to remove them. I would appreciate any information you could share me,

  3. Hi. My Mum had 4 titanium implants put in in March 2017 and has had constant pain since. She has constant pain predominantly in her left jaw radiating into her ear and neck. Her face goes cold. She has seen multiple specialists and has had multiple investigations including MRI, injections etc and has seen pain specialists that just want her to take strong pain killers that do nothing. She cannot wear the plate as it worsens the pain and has therefore been eating soft food. She has seen a neurologist that has confirmed this is a dental problem but no-one in Australia wants to help her. We want to get someone to take the implants out, can you help?

    1. Hello Karen,

      We have a couple of doctors that might be able to help you in Australia. We will send you an email with their contact details so you can reach out to them. We are sorry to hear your mother is having problems. We will be in touch !

  4. I have an Osteo implant which failed soon after it was implanted. My dentist at the time decided to simply cap it. I know need it removed as it is blocking two other implants which need some slight work. The dentist I am now seeing they can not get a tool to remove the bad implant and need to perform oral surgery. Is it really not possible to get tools compatible with the Osteo implant from about ten years ago?

    1. Hello Mr. Charles Rice, we are sorry to hear you are having trouble. Are you able to send us by email, a periapical or panoramic xray of the implant or implants in quesion ? Once we see which implants you have we will be able to tell you which tool could work better !

  5. I had 3 titanium implants put in about 8 yrs ago, and I’ve had a bad experience ever since. I was diagnosed with oral lichen planus mucosa after getting sores and blisters with white webbing on my cheek and I’ve list a lot of gum and I have blisters on the roof of my mouth and my mout bleeds terribly I’ve had to have a iron infusion because I had lost so much blood (I had a terrible reaction to it). I have been to just about every Dr., oral surgeons, Dentists , infectious disease, dermatologist, rhumetologist. They have have all told me that there is nothing more they can do for me. I hope you can help me I’ve been thinking all along its coming from the implants. Nobibhave breast cancer. I’ve had the surgery and radiation and on hormonal therapy. Again I hope you can help me. Ibthinkbthe implants should come out.

    1. Hello Ms. Bean, we can’t help you with the process of identifying if the titanium implants are causing any health condition to your body. It is demonstrated in the literature that many patients can be sensitive or allergic to the chemical molecules found in titanium implants, since titanium implants are not pure titanium but made of an alloy. If you decide to have the titanium implants removed, we can certainly help you with that. The CeraRoot clinic in Barcelona ( have special tools to remove the titanium implants with less amount of trauma, compared to the classic method such as trephine.

    1. Hello Tori, thanks for your feedback. Do you happen to have a recent panoramic xray of your mouth? If you email us the xray we will be able to inform you, where you could go to have the Titanium implants removed.

      Your dentist should be able to email you a panoramic xray which is a very common diagnostic tool to do in the follow-ups of dental implants.

      Email the xray to

  6. I had a titanium implant put in end of March with an alloy cap. I started having strange sensations on my cheek, tingling. Then body zaps and tingling in my body, head. Felt like a phone was on my foot. Now body buzzing and twitched in hands and leg/ feet. Ever heard of this before? Thinking of getting this titanium out. May my mouth doesn’t mix well with other metals And causing problems in my body.

    1. Hello Deborah,

      It’s difficult to analyze where this discomfort is coming from. Of course you could be highly sensitive to any of the chemical components of the titanium implant used. With the right tools nowadays removing a titanium implant is as easy as removing a molar tooth…

    2. Reply for Deborah….i too have recently had an implant put in and have very similar strange face pain, not necessarily in the area where my implant is which is lower, #30 tooth, but on the same side. Terrible headaches started 2 months after implant, deafening ringing in my right ear. I am usually a very active person but have felt exhausted lately. I am scheduled to have it taken out in 4 days. I will respond back to this thread in awhile letting you know how things went and how i am feeling.

      1. Hi Michele, did you have improvement in your health problems after implant removal? Me too, I have ear ringing and fatigue and thinking it might be implant

  7. Hi my mum had a titanium implant put last year in France. She is 71 and she has always been very healthy. 8 months after the implant surgery she was diagnosed with a multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer). she is convinced that this is because of the implant. unfortunately she can’t have a Melisa test done as she is under chemiotherapy treatment now and that would involve stopping the treatment for 6 weeks before doing the test so it is not possible. have you heard about any other similar cases of patients who suffer from myeloma after a titanium implant surgery ? is it possible to remove a titatium implant while the patient is having chemiotherapy and steroids ? and specially is it possible to have surgery because the bone is not healthy ? thank you in advance for your answer. best regards

    1. Hello Julie,

      We are sorry to hear your mother’s health situation. We really hope she recovers soon. The best person to answer this question would be the doctor that did the diagnosis of the multiple myeloma. We known there are many patients who develop sensitivity to the titanium alloy and even allergy. There is not enough research done, on what effects of allergy to metal implants can do to the human body. Of course if your mother was very sensitive or allergic to titanium implant alloys, then the immune system was affected.

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