Removing a titanium dental implant from the mouth

YES, it is possible to remove a titanium implant from the mouth.

When the dentist has the right tools, the procedure is simple. MUCH more simple than the surgery needed to place the implant.

Patients that report metal sensitivities or patients unpleased of showing a metal ring at the gum level, there are many reasons that a patient could ask a dentist to have the metal (titanium) implant removed.

Below we are going to describe step by step, how the surgery/treatment is performed:

This patient has 2 titanium implants in the upper left side of the mouth and a metal-ceramic bridge.

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When the bridge that is screwed on the titanium implants is removed, it can be seen that there has been an oxidation process and the the different metals have corroded, creating a metal tattoo in the surrounding tissues of the implants.


This is one kit that can be used as an example, to remove a titanium dental implant from a patients mouth.

These are two parts that are assembled together and screwed to the implant. Once the implant and the tow parts are connected together, with the help of a special wrench, the metal implant can be unscrewed using high torque. With local anesthesia, there is absolutely no pain.

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Once the torque wrench has reached high values, the implant is easily unscrewed.


Once the two titanium implants are removed from the bone, the dentist has to decide if the patient has enough bone to place the CeraRoot zirconia implant at the same time, or the socket has to be grafted with bone and wait some months for healing. This patient had better bone situation in the posterior implant, and therefore a CeraRoot implant could be placed on the same day. The anterior implant socket did not have enough thickness of bone to be able to place the CeraRoot zirconia (ceramic) implant.


The extraction socket in the front is grafted with artificial bone and closed with the patients own gum.


After 1 month, it can be seen that the extraction socket of the anterior implant is completely healed. The zirconia implant has some stains because the patient has brushed the implant very gently following the instructions.


A summary of all the steps to remove the titanium implants.

This is the final x-ray after the CeraRoot implant has been placed, on the same day that the titanium implants were removed. The missing implant, will be placed in a few months, when the bone heals and the new ceramic implant can be placed with good guarantees. When the case is finished we will post the end result.

ceraroot-xray Sense nom

two CeraRoot zirconia implants

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VIDEO OF A TITANIUM IMPLANT REMOVAL by Dr. Oliva ( )  It’s one of the dental centers in the world that remove more titanium dental implants from the patients mouths. It’s located in Barcelona, Spain.

This is another video from a different patient.

Another patient…..

This is another video of a patient who had TWO TITANIUM implants failed on the same location, in a period of two years. The surgeries were performed at the University of California Los Angeles UCLA. On the third attempt, the selected implant was a CeraRoot ceramic implant. The patient after 3 years is doing very well with her CeraRoot ceramic implant.  No more failures.

47 thoughts on “Removing a titanium dental implant from the mouth

  1. I’ve 2 titanium implants that are causing severe health problems. am losing weight. Do you recommend removing them? Is it safe? How do I find a Dentist in Nassau County near Syosset NY who can do that competitively? I am 69 years old and nothing of the risks was explained to me. I’ve multiple food allergies. Please recommend and advise.

  2. I had peri-implantitis and surgery to correct this problem. However, 13 months later and now have a pocket at the implant site. Periodontist wants me to choose between removal of the titanium implant or other treatment that could go on indefinately. He hasn’t given me enough information to make a decision. I can’t keep having problems. All I need to know is if the implant is savable. If it isn’t then I will have it removed but if it is, then I need more info but I can’t get the info from the periodontist. How can I tell if it should be removed or not?

    1. Hello Miss,

      I think it is very human that you ask for a second opinion of what should be done.

      If there is a pocket, it will be better in the long term to remove the implant, because pocket means bone loss 24/7.

      If the bone loss goes on, then you could have to go through multiple interventions to build up the bone that was lost.

  3. I have this 4 years old dental tooth titanium implant, which was placed so badly that it had destroyed my smile and my career. So far, I did not find a dental surgeon willing to remove it because they all said that nowadays the dental lab technicians can make a good dental crown to hide the nasty implant! I don’t trust anybody anymore, in my State! Is there a dental surgeon in another state that can help me with this ugly dental implant to have it removed with modern techniques? Thank you.

    1. Hello Teller, with the right tools, as you can see on this page, a titanium implant can be removed without causing damage to the surrounding areas. Therefore, if the titanium implant does not look good you have all the right to have it removed, but you just have to find the doctor that has good tools to remove the titanium safely. NOT WITH SOMETHING CALLED TREPHINE. The safest and first step should always be to use an implant removal kit (like you see on this page)…. but there are other brands also.

  4. I have an exterior tooth implant that I aesthetically do not like but it is very stable. Is there any one in the Austin, Texas area who would remove it and replace it with a zirconia?

  5. Periodontist is saying I have bone lost around my two titanium implants from a year ago and he says they will probably have to be removed. I have had a bone graft before very costly I am retired now 67 and the cost is too much. What are my alternativss.

    1. If you are loosing bone around dental implants, there could be several factors causing it. It is difficult to accept, but if there is a chronic infection around the implants, is not good for your overall health. You should have them removed. If in the future you decide to have implants done again, make sure you attend the dental office in the first months so that they can teach you well how to clean the implants and maintain them healthy. You must not smoke if you want to have them as healthy as possible… but there are many more factors.

  6. I’ve had digestive issues that got much worse since getting implants 5 years ago, but I have no problems in my mouth. Has anyone ever experienced this problem? Did it resolve after removing implants?

  7. I also want to add to the above comment that my latest 3 implants had the crowns clued on. Will it more difficult to remove these,or can these also be removed with an implant retrieval tool? Can the CerRoot implants be placed immediately? Please respond ASAP as I need to move forward with the removal. The Allergist said that even small fragments of nickel can cause my symptoms. Do all titanium implants have at least fragments of nickel? One source said that they have at least .02. Your reply would be greatly appreciated.Thank You.

    1. Hello I….W….
      Most likely the titanium implant that you have in the mouth have very small traces of Nickel yes…. but I really recommend that you ask the dentist that placed the titanium implants in your mouth, to provide the exact composition of the titanium implants. This composition should be given by the company that made the implants which should have the reports saved (on file) most likely.

  8. I had a titanium implant put into my mouth 6 weeks ago. I have 2 gold crowns. Since it was placed in my mouth I have suffered from a painful tongue, sore in the roof of my mouth and a salty taste. My tastebuds are also swollen and I do not have a sense of taste. The timing is so perfect for this to be oral glavanism. I think that I want to have the implant removed. Since it has only been 6 weeks since it was implanted, should it be a relatively easy procedure? Thanks!

    1. Hello Maureen, thanks for writing your experience. Removing a dental implant from the mouth that was placed 6 weeks ago, wether it is metal or ceramic, it should be easy. In general there has not been enough bone healing for the implant to be completely solid into the bone. These means that with not too high reverse torque, the implant might be safe and easy to be removed. But this is just one opinion, and of course you have to check with your dentist.

  9. I am going to have a titanium implant renoved after 5 years gum pain coming out of this implant and not resolved. Dentist a bit nervous grafting bone after since i have had this pain for almost 5 years. I am certain there is some gum or nerve problem sibce healing cap screwed on and off has always been very painful. What should i do?

    1. If the doctor has recommended to have the titanium implant removed, then do it. Of course it’s important to perform bone graft and remove any infection if there is at the time of titanium implant removal. Once 4-6 months have past, you should evaluate if the area has healed completely fine. If the area is in good condition, then you can consider to have another implant surgery done. Of course, we think that you should have a CeraRoot ceramic implant placed instead of a metal implant, but this is something you have to think about, and discuss it with your dentist. Thank you very much for explaining your dental problem.

    1. Laila, Do you still have the bitter taste? My implant was removed 4 months ago. I still have a bitter taste coming from there. My dentist does not know why. I am wondering if I should wait a few more months or try to find someone else that can help me.

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