Strange gingival reaction or possible allergy to titanium

reaction-to-titanium4 reaction-to-titanium1

This patient had titanium implants placed on each side of the mandible in the first molars positions.

Three to four months after the titanium implants were placed, the patient went to the dental office to have the implants uncovered from below the gum to proceed with the

impressions and production of the crown.

The images show how the gingival tissue is reacting to some components or bacteria accumulated possibly at the interphase between the metal healing screws and the titanium implant.

This is not a frequent reaction, but it’s also not a rare reaction. Every once in a while, this reaction can be seen around titanium implants.

The metal alloy used on the manufacturing of these components could be one of the issues and/or accumulation of the bacteria between the different implant prosthetic components.

With a CeraRoot full ceramic implant, there is no gingival reaction because it is a very stable material (hypoallergenic, non-corrosive) and there are no micro-gaps where bacteria can accumulate/grow.






reaction-to-titanium3 reaction-to-titanium2




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