Facteurs de croissance – implant cerámiques

Les facteurs de croissance sont des molécules protéinées qui favorisent la multiplication des cellules dans l’organisme permettant la guérison accélérée et favorisant la génération tissulaire..– Traduit par Google   Ils sont des produits fabriqués à même votre sang à l’aide d’une prise de sang faite quelques minutes avant l’intervention. Utilisé lors des chirurgies osseuses, des […]

How does CeraRoot perform long-term?

CeraRoot implants seem to better preserve the surrounding bone. The implants are more easy to maintain with no prosthetic sub-gingival connections. Being one-piece structure, there are no gaps where bacteria can grow. The following clinical case performed in 2006 (7 years follow-up), is an example of how CeraRoot implants are capable to resist difficult intra-oral […]

Osseointegration of CeraRoot implants.

This histologic study shows the osseointegration of CeraRoot implants with ICE (acid etched  surface), in the sheep model. There is a direct bone to implant contact with an ingrowth of bone into the surface cavities. There are no signs of inflammation or foreign body reactions. BIC=81%

Periotest M

The objective way of testing oseointegration with zirconium implants PERIOTEST M Now it is possible to perform wireless osseointegration measurements on dental implants The Periotest is the instrument most commonly used for measuring osseointegration in dental implants. It is also available as a hand-held mobile device, known as the Periotest M. Now it is even […]