CLEVELAND, OHIO ==> Cleveland Dental Institute – Implant Academy

September 21, 2017 @ 8:00 am – April 21, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
cleveland dental insitute
11201 Shaker Blvd #128
Cleveland, OH 44104
19,000 USD
(440) 520-0603

A Comprehensive Experience in Implantology: From Placement to Restoration  (learn titanium and ceramic implant placement)

PLACE AND RESTORE 10 IMPLANTS  (titanium and ceramic)

Modules: 7

Total Days: 20

The Cleveland Dental Institute is proud to present this limited attendance series of Continuing Education programs designed for all dentists in the PLACEMENT AND RESTORATION of dental implants.

A Comprehensive Experience in Implantology Course Begins on September 21, 2017 and Concludes on May 5, 2018

Course Modules

Module I – Sep 21-23, 2017

  • Diagnostic steps and pre-clinical management
  • Medical assessment, pharmacology, and medical emergencies
  • Risk management and adverse event decision making

Hands on

  • Simulation of implant placement and suturing techniques
  • Live surgery: observe a case by faculty

Module II – Oct 12-14, 2017

  • CBCT in diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Biology of wound healing, new perspectives in soft tissue regeneration and bone reconstruction
  • Introduction in phlebotomy, Advanced PRF and Injectable PRF in oral surgery

Hands on

  • Phlebotomy
  • CBCT interactive treatment planning
  • Live surgery: Implant placement surgery 1

Module III – Nov 16-18, 2017

  • Pain management and sedation
  • Advanced surgical considerations
  • Advanced grafting techniques: soft tissue, bone and sinus augmentation
  • Surgical and prosthetic principles and therapy in the esthetic zone
  • Extraction site management; delayed vs immediate
  • Case presentation seminars

Hands on

  • Advanced grafting techniques
  • Live surgery: Implant placement surgery 2

Module IV – Feb 8-10, 2018

  • Role of biomechanics in treatment planning
  • Principles of implant restoration
  • Fixed and removable prosthetics consideration

Hands on

  • Restorative kit workshop
  • Implant Restoration 1

Module V – March 8-10, 2018

  • Digital planning, photography and documentation
  • CeraRoot implants: introduction, indications and treatment planning

Hands on

  • Ceramic implants: surgical and restorative simulation in modules
  • Implant Restoration 2

Module VI – April 19 – 21, 2018

  • Dental technology and digital impressions
  • Management of implant complications and failures
  • Implant maintenance
  • Final exam

Hands on

  • Complete implant restoration
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