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Welcome to Oakville North Dentistry

Providing emergency, family, cosmetic and holistic dentistry for the Oakville community.

We are here to help you maintain oral health and to avoid extensive treatment. Some dental problems can only be detected by a dentist, such as; any deterioration in fillings, cavities under existing fillings, decay under the gum line, hairline tooth fractures, signs of gum disease, periodontal pockets, and oral cancer. Do not wait until a condition becomes painful- scheduling regular checkups helps prevent the occurrence of a problem.

Dr. Rodica Bighiu

Dr. Bighiu is an accredited member of the IAOMT, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (http://www.IAOMT.org). This certifies that a dentist member has been trained, tested, and applies the basics of biocompatible dentistry, including current methods for safe removal of dental amalgams. IAOMT is a trusted academy of allied professionals providing scientific resources to support new levels of integrity and safety in health care. Dr. Bighiu has the skills and the equipment needed to follow the protocols established by IAOMT.

To learn more about her approach to Mercury Free and Mercury Safe Dentistry please see detailed information at one of the following websites:

http://www.mercurysafedentists.com, www.hg-free.com, or www.dentalwellness4u.com

Among the safe and effective treatments offered by Dr. Bighiu for patients who choose not to have metal in their mouth are ceramic inlays and crowns, metal-free dentures, biocompatible restorations and full ceramic (zirconia) implants. A good resource for more information on ceramic implants can be found at:www.ceraroot.com