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Dental Care

As a Gilbert AZ based full service dentist office, we provide all preventative care such as cleanings (including most periodontal procedures), complete and periodic exams and x-rays. Our dentists also specialize in all aspects of restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Our goal for every patient is preventive dentistry. This involves daily care, good nutrition, and periodic check-ups and cleanings that maintain good dental health. While preventive dentistry may not be where we start with every patient it is where we like to finish.

Another form of care is restorative dentistry, and this is basic repair of the mouth. We mend broken or leaking fillings, build crowns and bridges, fit partial and full dentures, re-align your bite. Where necessary, gum disease is treated, or root canal therapy recommended. The prevailing belief behind restorative dentistry is a simple one: you can keep all your teeth for all your life.

Cosmetic dentistry also a type of care we offer. Cosmetic dentistry is coming of age with new materials and procedures that make a beautiful smile accessible to everyone. Because our preventive and restorative programs have been so successful, we now have the luxury of considering cosmetic treatment for gaps, chips, and otherwise less-than-perfect smiles.



Dr. Norton graduated from Northwestern University Dental School in 2000. Dr. Norton’s areas of practice include General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Root Canal Therapy and Oral Surgery. He practiced in Portland Oregon for 8 years before he and his wife decided it was time to dry off and get out of the rain and relocated their family to Gilbert in 2008. Dr. Norton and his wife Kelly have four daughters, and they “enjoy” spending most of their time making sure that their girls make it to and from a busy schedule of music lessons and school activities. Dr. Norton also enjoys cooking, spending time outdoors, fly-fishing, and hanging out with his golden retriever “Stiggy”.