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Welcome to
Marketplace Dentistry

In Marketplace Dentistry, Dr. Tal Lewinger has created an office which is upscale in appearance, casual and welcoming in atmosphere and ecologically responsible in its design, construction and operation. Patients receive individualized care and attention while enjoying modern and convenient amenities intended to enhance the patient experience.

Dr. Lewinger is a general dentist offering a full range of dental treatments including cosmetic dentistry (from white fillings to smile makeovers), implant dentistry, root canal therapy, Invisalign and all aspects of family dentistry. In addition to creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Lewinger emphasizes preventative care and personal wellness, taking a holistic approach to his patient’s oral health.

Marketplace Dentistry is proud to serve the Thornhill, Thornhill Woods, Richmond Hill, Maple, Vaughan and Woodbridge communities as well as the Greater Toronto Area.

Dr. Tal Lewinger Maple area dentist

Dr. Lewinger is a Dentist that brings eco-friendly practices to the Vaughan community.  << learn  more>>

Meet Dr. Tal Lewinger

Dr. Tal Lewinger resides and works in the Thornhill/Vaughan neighborhood, providing family and cosmetic dentistry to his community. He prides himself on his ability to listen to his patient’s concerns and provide diagnosis and treatment that is holistic and individualized to each patient’s needs. Dr. Lewinger values the trust that his patients place in him. His focus is on building long-term relationships where his patients look forward to seeing him and his staff as much as he personally enjoys educating and treating them. Dr. Lewinger is dedicated to continuing education for general and cosmetic dentistry as well as implant surgery so that he can provide his patients with the most up to date procedures and technology in the dental field.

In designing Marketplace Dentistry, Dr. Lewinger has sought to be an example in the community (as well as to his young daughter) as to how a business can choose to make decisions to minimize its ecological footprint, not only in sustainable building, but in operation and design as well.

Dr. Lewinger is an enthusiastic photographer, a technophile, and an avid traveler who speaks English and Hebrew fluently.


Dr. Lewinger received his Honours Bachelor of Science Degree from York University and subsequently obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry, graduating with honours.

Dr. Lewinger is also committed to continuing dental education.  Notable additional education and training includes graduation from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry Maxi-Course ( and the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry certification in Moderate Sedation.


• Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (

• Ontario Dental Association (

• Canadian Dental Association (

• Academy of General Dentistry (

• American Academy of Implant Dentistry (

• Toronto Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry  (

• Alpha Omega Dental Society (Past President of Pi Chapter) (

• Doctors Against Racism and Anti-Semitism, Former Executive Board Member, General Member (

• Eco Dentistry Association ( )

Dental Implants

The loss of even a single tooth can have a significant impact on an individual’s confidence and well-being. It affects one’s ability to eat certain foods; it can result in further tooth loss due to movement of the remaining teeth; it can affect facial appearance (specifically the resulting “sunken-in” look associated with missing teeth); and it can have a significant impact on personal confidence and happiness.

Dental implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are an alternative to bridges and dentures and they are not only extremely durable, but they look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Learn about CeraRoot Implants here.

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is surgically placed into the jaw where it acts as an artificial “root” to secure the replacement tooth. A few months after the dental implant is placed in the jaw and it is securely attached to the bone (“osseointegration”), a custom-made crown, bridge or denture is attached to the dental implant.

Dental implants require numerous appointments over the span of several months. At the first “record-taking” appointment, Dr. Lewinger and his staff will take a medical history from you as well as x-rays, photographs and impressions of your jaw and teeth. In some cases, a cone beam CT scan may also be prescribed. This information will be used to determine the placement of the dental implant and to create a custom-made implant restoration just for your smile.

At a subsequent appointment, the dental implant will be surgically secured into the jaw, following which the gum tissue will be sutured back around the dental implant and left to heal for a number of months until the dental implant is secure (or “integrated”) in the jaw. In some circumstances, a temporary crown may be placed over the dental implant during the healing period.

Once the dental implant is integrated, Dr. Lewinger will design a custom-made restoration (such as a crown or a bridge) to fit over the dental implant, which will match the colour, size and shape of your natural teeth.

If you are missing one or more teeth, call to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Lewinger to determine if a dental implant is the functional and aesthetic smile solution for you.