All-Ceramic implants are a NEW alternative for patients seeking healthier and more esthetic treatments. CeraRoot implants are the most easy to restore implants ever made. Because the implant is supra-ginigval and the abutment is pre-shaped, digital impressions and the chair side restoration are impeccable. The success rate of CeraRoot implants is over 97% and the mechanical strenght is high. Start and finish your implant cases in your own practice in very few visits and affordable.

In immediate extractions, if the bone in the socket is completely preserved, the soft tissue suffers very minor changes during healing time. In flap-less surgeries the treatment is even more easy, because the shoulder of the implant in many cases is left paragingival and therefore there is no need to use retraction cords. Because the implant is one-piece, (the implant and the abutment are part of the same body) there are no subgingival connections or prosthetic accessories that will make the treatment more complex. With CeraRoot implants you will not need to order custom-made abutments. You will be able to re-shape the way you like the supra-gingival part of the implant*.

The following clinical case has been performed by Dr. Gary Larsen, Fresno, CA.

The patient suffers a chronic infection due to endodontic failure on upper right first molar.

The molar is extracted and a CeraRoot 16 zirconia implant is immediately placed together with allograft bone inside the socket to maintain the volume.

A torque of about 40N is achieved.

On the buccal view it can be seen a sufficient occlusal space for the future crown. The gum is sutured to maintain the bone particles in position as much stable as possible.

One month after the soft tissue is healing nicely. The sutures are removed 15 days after surgery.

The gums are still tender in some areas 1 month after extraction and simultaneous implant placement + bone graft.

In this case, at 2 months post surgery, the implant is strong enough to start doing the crown.

A contrast spray is applied intra-orally in order to obtain accurate optical images for the cad-cam process.

Once the mouth is dry and the contrast is applied, we can start scanning the mouth, in this case it was used Bluecam to obtain the digital impressions.

Very high accuracy of the impressions.

The Cerec software starts modelling a crown that will fit in place.

Once the virtual crown is finished, we can select the ceramic block where the crown will be grinded at.

4 months after the surgery, the CEREC crown is cemented on the CeraRoot 16 implant.



Because of the materials used in this type of treatments:
100% ceramic implant restored with a 100% ceramic crown
the health of the gum and the stability of the bone long term is outstanding.
CeraRoot implants are made of zirconia and have been used in Europe for over 8 years with amazing success.
All-ceramic treatments from the root to the crown are now possible. FDA approved. Health Canada Approved.
*We recommend to do the minimum abutment preparation in order to maintain the high strength values that CeraRoot implants have.


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  1. Notice how healthy my patient’s tissue health looks. Notice how the crown on the implant also looks so natural in size, shape, form and color! I always strive to place the implant in a position that allows the general/restorative dentist to easily achieve a similar result as seen in the last few pictures above. Currently, I am using resorable sutures along with the “Larsen Healing Rings” for most cases. This way my patient only has to come to my office for one visit (extract the tooth and place the implant the same day!). This makes it very nice for our out of town, state or country patients, because their local general/restorative dentist can then make a crown very easily for them 4 months later. Be sure have their dentist call my office, if this is the very first time they are trying to make crown for one of the patients I have treated. Call Dr Larsen’s office at 1-800-705-6929

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