Computer Guided Surgery

No treatment planning software? No problem– Oral Iceberg provides turnkey service solutions that take you from scan to treatment with no need to buy expensive software or spend a lot of time learning and getting comfortable with software. We are experts at 3D planning one-piece ceramic implants. When you work with CeraRoot implants, you can be confident because every case is planned by an implantologist highly trained in CeraRoot implants.


The services include:

  • 3D Reconstruction With Full Segmentation
  • Virtual Treatment Plan And Fine Tuning Session
  • Completed Plan In Free 3D Viewer Software
  • Surgical Guide (Bone, Tooth Or Mucosa Supported)
  • QC Check of Surgical Guide

The work flow will be:

  • Scan your patient with CBCT
  • Send stone cast to our office
  • Send the scans to our server online
  • We will proceed with the 3D Conversion and Preliminary Treatment Planning with our Dentist in house
  • A complete unlimited fine tuning session will be done online to finalize all clinical judgments from your side
  • We will order the Surgical Guide and send it to your office


Companies / Software with the CeraRoot implants in their virtual implant libraries:







planmeca   ceraroot-16-romexis

One thought on “Computer Guided Surgery

  1. I was wondering if the Ceraroot implants have been added to the Sirona Galaxis implant library? I have Galaxis software, Cerec and CBCT and would like to plan and perform guided surgery for the Ceraroot implants.

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