Digital Workflow CEREC to EXOCAD (Zirkonzahn)

This is a clinical case that shows how to take impressions without using any impression coping or any retraction cord around the implant.

On day of surgery or some days after the surgery, it is important to SCAN the abutments of the implants in the mouth, BEFORE doing any modification, any preparation with a diamond bur.

As long as the implant remains intact, it is going to be possible to match the implant with a digital mesh of a Lab Analogue.

As you can see on this case below, on day of the surgery, the shoulder of the implants is left subgingival. On the video, below it can be seen the scan on the day of the surgery.


Once the implants are healed, we can see that the gums are covering the shoulder of the implant. If we don’t have an Intraoral Scanner such as CEREC, ITERO, or TRIOS we will need to use laser and the impression coping (CeraCrown) or a retraction cord.



If we have Intraoral Scanner, we are able to identify the margin/shoulder of the implant with a previously Digital Scan of a Lab Analogue. To get the full technique, you can look at the VIDEO below.