How to get started with the system?

CeraRoot offers its customers a comprehensive range of innovative, science-based dental solutions, for any kind of tooth.

CeraRoot implants represent the most similar tooth replacement ever made.

Our aim is to offer dental professionals the full range of options they need to make a real and lasting difference to the well-being of their patients, empowering them to lead healthier and more satisfying lives.

To get started with the system, it is recommendable to attend a CeraRoot training course to understand the new concepts of one-piece implants made of 100% high strength ceramics.

For a purchase of 25 implants, you receive a free complete surgical kit to be able to perform all the surgeries with all the implant types available (5).

CeraRoot also offers the possibility** to bring at your own office, an Expert Doctor that will guide you through the first surgeries and will help you on your first surgeries during 2 intensive days.


**Available in all USA territory.

16 thoughts on “How to get started with the system?

  1. Пожалуйста предоставте цену 25 имплантатов с хирургическим набором! Спасибо.

  2. Please i need price list, of 25 implants with surgical kit and information about curses in spanish for latinamerican dentists.thank you.

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