CeraRoot 11


XLarge upper Central Incisors and XLarge upper Canines and small molars


10 mm / 12 mm / 14 mm


ZrO2 – zirconium oxide – zirconia – (Y-TZP)


The diameter of the implant is 4.8 mm in the apical area and 6 mm in the most coronal threaded part. The transgingival part is 6.5 mm wide.



This is a ONE-PIECE implant (monoblock). The space between the occlusal part of the abutment and the antagonist should be around 1.5 mm. The abutment is designed to avoid grinding once the implant is inserted into the socket. It has an abutment ready to restore. The gum heals around the uncovered abutment during the 3-4 months after surgery.

Photo Gallery:


Clinical Case:

This is a clinical case performed by Dr. Veselin Shumantov (Manhattan, NY)

pre-op-dr.Shumantov post-op-dr.Shumantov crown-dr.Shumantov  <—- CLICK TO ZOOM

Case 1: Extraction of hopeless right central incisor and placement of implant on the same day. Surgery performed by Dr. Ali Farahani (Ontario, Canada) The patient is wearing an essix retainer as a temporary tooth to avoid creating any loading on the implant during the first 3 months.

ceraroot-11-central5 ceraroot-11-central6 ceraroot-11-central7 ceraroot-11-central8 Dr.-Ali-Farahani-central <—- CLICK TO ZOOM

Case 2: Extraction of hopeless right central incisor and placement of implant on the same day. Surgery performed by Dr. Ali Farahani (Ontario, Canada)

ceraroot-11-central2a ceraroot-11-central2 ceraroot-11-central3 ceraroot-11-central4 Dr.-Ali-Farahani-central-CeraRoot-11 <—- CLICK TO ZOOM

Case 3: Extraction of primary canines and permanent canines that erupted on the palatal side. Implants were placed on the same day of extraction of all the 4 canines (2 primary + 2 permanent). Patient refused to have orthodontics and chose the option of having CeraRoot implants instead. Surgery performed by Dr. Ali Farahani (Ontario, Canada)

 15CeraRoot11      8CeraRoot11 14CeraRoot11    

Case 4: Extraction of canine and placement of CeraRoot 11 on the same day. The images show day of cementation of crown and 4 years follow-up.

1457582_10201733513771178_1906793653_n 1465272_10201733509531072_2028309113_n 1385411_10201733513171163_68865362_n 1453378_10201733512571148_2011480521_n 1457569_10201733508971058_1068733080_n 1391958_10201733511731127_1468433225_n 559906_10201733512171138_152702404_n 4 years after

Case 5:

521694_10201391067970247_164774021_n 1236174_10201391070410308_739690323_n 1235123_10201391069970297_993193204_n 521731_10201391069170277_230389675_n 1234703_10201391068490260_625536271_n 1375067_10201391067730241_790167204_n 954845_10201391066410208_308426929_n 1233380_10201391065970197_1007208982_n 1471305_10201996398743138_1298203507_n1503891_10201996398423130_1545330849_n 10436329_10203364236178219_7242297973742244551_n 10494843_10203364235898212_2020783561330268441_n 12351_10201391067170227_1681704146_n 12087_10201391065450184_742246117_n 1461139_10201996390102922_1780481904_n 600353_10201996390382929_1018112987_n

Case 6 :









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