CeraRoot 14


Premolars (press-fit)


8 mm / 10 mm / 12 mm / 14 mm


ZrO2 – zirconium oxide – zirconia – (Y-TZP)


The diameter of the implant is 3.5 mm in the apical area and 4.8 mm in the most coronal threaded part. The transgingival part is 5 mm wide (mesio-distal)  and 7 mm wide (Bucco-palatal).


Attention: This implant is NOT SCREWED inside the socket!!! This implant is placed into the bone by press-fit technique. This is a ONE-PIECE implant (monoblock). The space between the occlusal part of the abutment and the antagonist should be around 1.5 mm. The abutment is designed to avoid grinding once the implant is inserted into the socket. It has an abutment ready to restore. The gum heals around the uncovered abutment during the 3-4 months after surgery.

This implant is TAPPED INTO the socket, using the Impactor 14 (REF: 005.214) and the Mallet (REF: 005.114)

Photo Gallery:

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Clinical Cases:

1.- Surgery:  Dr. Dan Hagi  (Toronto, Canada). CeraRoot 14 – 12mm long  placed immediately after the extraction. Intra-oral digital impressions with ITERO and implant restoration with an ALL-CERAMIC crown.  click image to enlarge





2.- Surgery:  Dr. João Mouzinho (Porto, Portugal). CeraRoot 14 – 10mm long  placed in a healed site. conventional crown & bridge impressions, ALL-CERAMIC crown. click image to enlarge










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