CeraRoot 16





10 mm / 12 mm / 14 mm


The diameter of the implant is 4.8 mm in the apical area and 6.5 mm in the most coronal threaded part. The transmucosal part is 8 mm wide, providing an excellent emergence profile.


ZrO2 – zirconium oxide – zirconia – (Y-TZP)


This is a ONE-PIECE implant (monoblock). Excellent primary stability is a requirement for CeraRoot 16.  The space between the occlusal part of the abutment and the antagonist molar needs to be around 1.5 mm. The abutment is designed to avoid grinding once the implant is inserted into the socket. It has an abutment ready to restore. The gum heals around the uncovered abutment during the 3-4 months after surgery.

Photo Gallery:


Clinical Cases:

Case performed by Dr. Marta Gómez      Extraction of lower first molars and immediate placement of CeraRoot 16  (12 mm long)

Case performed by  Drs. “Oliva brothers”   Extraction of lower left first molar and immediate placement of CeraRoot 16 (12 mm long)

Case performed by  Drs. “Oliva brothers”  – A CeraRoot 16-12mm implant was placed in a previously grafted area. The keratinized tissue was flap and sutured on the buccal of the implant to give more volume.

ceraroot-flap-post  ceraroot-xrays-post ceraroot-xrays-post-crown ceraroot 16ceraroot-margin

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