Prosthetic Parts

CeraCrown (impression coping)

Made of zirconia.

Each CeraRoot implant has an impression coping made of zirconia that can be used as a pick-up impression using a closed-tray impression technique.

Implant (left) CeraCrown (top) Lab Analogue (right)
Implant (left) CeraCrown (top) Lab Analogue (right)

These are zirconia cores perfectly adjusted, for ceramic layering technique or over-pressing. CeraCrowns are available in three different shades:

  • white
  • A1
  • A2

The CeraCrowns have two different functions:

  • 1st: pick up impression technique
  • 2nd: crown core for direct ceramic loading or over-pressing

With CeraCrown® the prosthetic work is much faster, easier, and precise.

Note: Autoclave and do not reuse the CeraCrown.


Alternatively, you can take DIRECT impressions of the CeraRoot implant using:

  • Conventional Crown & Bridge when:

Good soft tissue health beforehand
Ensure that the preparation margin is visible, perhaps best achieved by recontouring the gingival margin using electrosurgery or laser.
Placing margins supragingivally is an advantage but where this is not desirable then “THIN” retraction cord can be used.

  • Digital Impressions technique (ITERO ®, CEREC ®, TRIOS ®, NEVO ®, 3M ®, … )
CeraCrown 16 CeraCrown 34 CeraCrown 34L CeraCrown 21 CeraCrown 12 CeraCrown 14 CeraCrown 11
White color (Ref. 007.034) White color (Ref. 007.034) White color (Ref. 007.134) White color (Ref. 007.021) White color (Ref. 007.012) White color (Ref. 007.014) White color (Ref. 007.011)
A1 color       (Ref. 017.034) A1 color       (Ref. 017.034) A1 color       (Ref. 017.134) A1 color       (Ref. 017.021) A1 color       (Ref. 017.012)  A1 color       (Ref. 017.014) A1 color       (Ref. 017.011)
A2 color      (Ref. 027.034) A2 color      (Ref. 027.034)  A2 color      (Ref. 027.134) A2 color      (Ref. 027.021) A2 color      (Ref. 027.012)  A2 color      (Ref. 027.014) A2 color      (Ref. 027.011)

Lab Analogue

Made of zirconia.

When the impressions are taken using the CeraCrown, then it is recommended to use the Lab Analogue to provide maximum accuracy on the manufacturing process of the all-ceramic dental crown.  There are 7 different Lab Analogues (1 for each implant).

With the Lab Analogue the prosthetic work is much faster, easier, and precise.

You can reuse and re-sterilize the Lab Analogue as many times you want.