CeraRoot course Houston, TX

  October 24th 2014 1 day course Theoretical (no live surgeries) The objective of this course is to provide the participant with a deep theoretical knowledge on the placement of one-piece ceramic implants. The treatment planning from diagnostic to final restoration will be reviewed according to each tooth position. From simple to complex tooth rehabilitation. […]

CeraRoot Clinical Residency 24-25 Feb. 2011

Dra Marta Gómez Donnay. C/ Lascaray 2 bajo Vitoria, Spain www.clinicagdent.com Tel. +34  945 23 50 23 She is the first doctor from VITORIA that has performed our Clinical Residency Program.  In this two day program,  4 surgeries with CeraRoot implants and Guided Bone Regeneration were done. More info on this course here: These are some […]

CeraRoot in ZURICH

Peter Schärer Study Group, University of Zurich. DATE :   27th September 2010. SEMINAR TITLE : zirconium oxide dental implants.  who?  what?  why?  when?  how? AUTHORS: Dr. Josep Oliva Dr. Xavi Oliva LOCATION: Peter Schärer Study Group, University of Zurich. Study club President: Prof. Carlo Marinello RESUME: the seminar was very interactive, and the audience was […]