About CeraRoot

ceraroot barcelona headquarters

CeraRoot company site in Barcelona.

CERAROOT company is a global leader in metal-free implant and restorative dentistry. Founded by the brothers Drs. Josep  and Xavi Oliva, the company experienced a great growth with the development of the CeraRoot ceramic implant system and the CeraCrown prosthetic components. 

In collaboration with leading clinics (LDCW – The Leading Dental Centers of The World), research institutes and universities, we study and develop implants, prosthetic components and instruments for use in tooth replacement solutions. We also offer a comprehensive training and services to the dental profession worldwide, including training and education, which is provided in collaboration with the LDCW group. 

Our products are available worldwide in different markets through the online shop.



CeraRoot USA, Inc. | 2800 Neilson Way , Suite 2 .  Santa Monica, California, 90405      usa@ceraroot.com.  | Phone. +1  (800) 485-1613. 


(manufacturing site dental implants)

CeraRoot S.L  |  Parpers 13. 08520 Les Franqueses del Vallès.  Barcelona, Catalonia. Spain  |  info@ceraroot.com   |  Phone.(+34) 93 768 39 62   


(manufacturing site custom-made devices)

CeraRoot France S.A.S  |  48 Rue Claude Balbastre.  34070 Montpellier    |  france@ceraroot.com  |  T: +33 499 13 69 43 

the Oliva brothers at CeraRoot

Drs. Oliva brothers founders of CeraRoot at Barcelona site.

Our vision

To be the partner of choice in metal-free implant and restorative dentistry.

Our mission

In everything we do, we are fully committed to metal-free, holistic and esthetic dentistry. With the CeraRoot and CeraCrown perfect combination we deliver superior solutions that enable dental professionals to provide the best possible care to patients.

CeraRoot has different branches of investigation: implants, prosthetics and regeneration materials. Basic research is conducted in different Universities and private companies. Our partnership with LDCW group has maximized the clinical investigation potential of CeraRoot company.

The results of this research have been published in international dental journals and lead to the development and improvement of CeraRoot’s products.

Legal structure

CERAROOT USA, INC.  is a company registered in the California Secretary of State with corporate number C4537721. 

CeraRoot USA, Inc. | 2800 Neilson Way , Suite 2 .  Santa Monica, California, 90405      usa@ceraroot.com.  | Phone. +1  (800) 485-1613.