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Our approach

What sets us apart

We have a truly holistic, thus global, approach: our treatment includes a consideration of the health and lifestyle of every person we treat. We don’t just repair a tooth. We use only biocompatible and aesthetic materials, and we inform and educate each patient in order to empower him or her to maintain or improve his/her overall health. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence enables us to undertake each and every treatment as a work of art.

Everything is linked

At Global Dental Art we pay careful attention to the link between a patient’s oral health and his or her overall circumstances. An example here is the causal relationship between dental hypersensitivity and an acid imbalance in the body. This might be due to: lack of sleep; lack of exercise; a period of stress accompanied by teeth clenching; lack of minerals; the consumption of refined foods, and so on. Rather than simply treating the sensitive teeth, our overall approach may include suggestions for some key lifestyle improvements, in order to eradicate the problem at its source.

We also use and recommend select oral hygiene products for our patients, such as toothpastes and polishes, mouthwashes and breath fresheners, with only natural ingredients

Dr. Carl Benoit

Dental Surgeon

Dr Benoit graduated from the University of Montreal in 1984. He has been focused on a holistic approach to patient care from the outset of his practice. He participates regularly in a variety of conferences and courses, in order to keep his knowledge of general and holistic dentistry up to date. Dr Benoit is a well-known public speaker in the field of adhesive and cosmetic dentistry.

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First visit

Your initial appointment will consist of a complete evaluation. We strongly believe that excellent dental treatment is an immediate reflection of a complete, thorough and detailed exam. Our goal with this appointment is to collect all the information needed to help you, satisfy your needs and establish the proper diagnostic. We will start by providing you with a medical questionnaire to fill out. We will then take time to discuss your situation (desires, preoccupations, requests, sensitivity…).

A series of Digital X-rays including a panoramic x-ray will then be taken. The X-rays are crucial because they help detect problems that cannot be diagnosed by simply looking in the mouth. We will examine your soft and hard tissues and evaluate the bite and articulation joints. A detailed treatment plan will be prepared. If necessary, depending on the extensiveness of your treatment, we will schedule a second visit to present you with your treatment plan and discuss the different options.


Why should I come to your office?

A: Because you derserve the best!

Why should I have my mercury fillings replaced?

A: Mercury is a potent neuro-toxic. It is more toxic than cadmium, lead or arsenic. Get rid of it!

Why should I have my mercury fillings removed with the Safety Protocol?

A: You want this poison out of your mouth. Don’t let the procedure expose your body even more to it!

Why is a night guard going to be beneficial to me?

A: The night guard is made to protect your teeth from wearing off or breaking, to prevent receding gums, to relax muscular tension and pain associated to it and to protect your TMJ ( temporo mandibular joint ) Without the stress on teeth , patients will also experiment often less sensitivity to cold or chewing.

Why do I have frequent headaches?

A: Headaches could be related to many things but quite often to clenching, grinding or TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) problem. If it is the case, we can help for sure!

Why not use toothpaste with Fluoride?

A: Fluoride is a toxic and does not work despite the manufacturers’ claim. Knowing that what goes in your mouth is absorbed by the fine mucosa into your body even if you don’t swallow it, you should choose a toothpaste that contains only good natural ingredients.

There is fluoride in water where I live. Should I be concerned?

A: Fluoride is a toxic and does not work as preventative measure against decay formation. Please drink from a better source!

Do the whitening products destroy my enamel?

A: Absolutely not but the whitening can temporarily bring more sensitivity to your teeth and your gums. We can help minimising those temporary side effects with our recommendations and soothing products.

How long will it last?

A: That will vary depending on your enamel’s thickness and your diet; cigarettes and certain drinks like coffee, tea, red wine may stain and it may be necessary to do touch ups every 3, 4 or 6 months to maintain optimal results. Since you already have your customized trays, you only have to buy the product now which is a fraction of the initial cost.

What is the length of the bleaching treatment?

A: Chair side bleaching is recommended if you want to jump start the procedure and will take about 90 minutes. The home bleaching must be continued after for better results for 7 to 10 days exposing your teeth with the peroxide gel in the trays 30 to 60 minutes a day.

Will the results be effective and positive in all cases?

A: No, teeth that are yellow will bleach much better than those that are grey in shade. These teeth may require longer periods of bleaching to obtain the same result. Tetracycline stained teeth will not respond the same way to the procedure. The initial color of the tooth is also a determining factor.

Are electric tooth brushes the way to go?

A: If you gave a good technique and good results with an ordinary toothbrush you don’t need to go electric but in many cases we find that the patient can achieve better results with them.

Ask your hygienist how well you are doing with your technique and results. She is often the first one to see you before the cleaning and can evaluate if dental plaque is left behind with your technique.

Do you accept direct payment from my insurance?

A: We will be more than glad to prepare a dental form for your dental provider each time you visit us but you will be solely responsible to pay our professional fees.

After completing the treatment plan we can also prepare a predetermination to send to your insurance company so that you know beforehand how much your insurance company will reimburse.

Payment is due the day of services and sometimes before to reserve operatory time.

What are my payment options?

A: We understand your desire for a beautiful and healthy smile. Our commitment includes helping our patients to achieve their goals. Our team takes the time to help you understand priorities and will discuss different options to achieve your short and long term goal.

We accept all major credit cards, debit, personal checks and cash.

We offer financing through DentoPlan. Please ask us how we can help you make your decision of improving your smile and dental health an easy one.

Do you accept New Patients?

A: Yes we gladly accept new patients. Call us for all the information regarding the first appointment and the related costs or send us your information here.