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Doctors: Dr. Luis Mesquita Santos

Address ( Map ): Rua João Andresen 76

4250-242 Porto

Phone: 22 832 80 31

Email: preladacmd@gmail.com

Web: http://dentista.com.pt/

Placement of Dental Implants in Porto all made in Zirconia. The new era of aesthetic implantation without metal, with surprising results. The replacement of titanium dental implants by these new dental implants all made in Zirconia makes both the tooth and its root white and aesthetic, so there is no possibility of the appearance of gray lines next to the gum.

Clinical Management

Cátia Reis - founder & ceo

Postgraduate in Orthodontics (Un. MP - Un. Valencia)

Various orthodontic courses

Clinical and orthodontic experience since 2001

Clinical responsible for orthodontics at various centers in the north of the country

PhD student in Periodontology (Un. Barcelona)

Assistant Guest of Clínica Cirurgica e Periodontal (ISCSn)

Member of Soc. Port. of Periodontology and Implants (SPPI)

Member of Soc. Port. de Stomatologia e Med. Dentária (SPEMD)

Member of GIRSO

Author of several national and international scientific communications

Publication of several international scientific articles

Researcher in the field of immunology linked to periodontology

Rui Pinto Cardoso - founder


The Prelada Dental Clinic communicates with regret, the death of our Dentist / Managing Partner Dr. Rui Pinto Cardoso. The Management and the entire team of the Prelada Dental Medical Clinic sincerely thanks all those who honored us through their presence and made us reach through the most diverse means words of comfort, which were very important in this moment of pain. We also apologize to those to whom the news did not arrive in time, certain that they will understand us. On our part, you can continue to count on the same excellent service to which we have been accustomed to you all these years.

Dr. Luis Mesquita Santos - Dentist

Master in Dental Medicine IUCS 2008-2013

Postgraduate in Implantology IUCS

Postgraduate in Endodontics IUCS

Postgraduate in Oral Surgery - Faculty of Medical Sciences of Habana - Cuba

Postgraduate in Implantology - Italian Academy of Implant-Prosthesis (AIIP)

Course A-PRF I-PRF - Dr. Joseph Choukroun - SYFAC

Clinical Residence Hospital Dr. Mario Gatti - Buco Maxilo Facil Surgery Service - SP, Brazil

Certified in Atrophy Jaw Rehabilitation without Bone Grafts - Zygomatic Implants - Dr Reginaldo Migliorança - SP , Brazil

Invited Assistant at the Service of Oral Medicine and Surgery - IUCS

Invited Professor at CESPU