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Doctors:  Dr. Veronica Montgomery

Address (Map): 4840 N Rosepoint Way, Ste A, Boise, ID 83713 , United States

Phone: +1 (208)939-7620



Leading the way of caring dentistry for the Boise area.

‘‘I truly love talking to my patients. I enjoy listening to their desires and wishes and then being able to design a smile that perfectly matches their personality.

My 21+ years of dental care experience have given me the opportunity to achieve a reputation for gentleness and patience. I realize many people avoid going to the dentist because of fear. As a woman and mother of five children, I feel as though I have a natural affinity to help patients feel at ease by using communication and a gentle touch.

If you have a question or concern, I would love to hear from you.


Our dental office was specifically designed so your comfort and care would be our number one priority. From the first time you walk through our doors, you will notice the difference: a warm welcome, a friendly smile, and sincere conversations. After you pass the reception desk, your dentist in Boise, Dr. Montgomery will personally meet with you and spend quality time with you, getting to know your smile goals. After listening intently, she will formulate a custom treatment plan based your desires, schedule, and financial constraints.

Everything we do is centered on you because we care. We care about you, your teeth, and your well-being.

‘‘My experience at Boise Caring Dentistry has always been outstanding and my dental needs are always taken care of.

- Monte S., Actual Patient